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About us

Our 110 years long service to the nation began with a simple motto of ‘Arogyam Dhansampada’ and an aim to keep India healthy and free from common ailments by harnessing the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda. This led to formulation our proprietary Ayurvedic medicine “Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha”.

Our Company

A humble beginning was made in the then Bombay Presidency (present day Mumbai). Later, we organised ourselves as a manufacturing firm in the year 1955 and restructured in 2001 with a vision to be more robust and stronger. Wining accolades and blessing of our loyal customers we are now a proud ‘Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)’ certified company, with a highly automated manufacturing process for manufacture of more than 50 different products in various categories of Kadha’s, Asava’s, Aristha’s, Tailas (oils) and syrups.

Vaidya Patankar Pharmacy has earned a reputation amongst the Indian Ayurvedic companies for maintaining and providing a high level of quality medicines. We are iconic leaders in production of Ayurvedic formulations in liquids (‘Kadha’) form. We serve the best of Ayurveda in proprietary as well as generic (granthokta) Ayurvedic medicines for healing day-to-day lifestyle related ailments such as constipation, acidity, cough etc.

Today, “Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha” along with our other products is an every household name in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. We are also a proud to be associated with Primary Health Centre’s (PHCs), Ayurvedic hospitals of Government of Maharashtra and various other rural hospitals.


With an ever growing footprint in international markets of South East Asia, we now look forward for the export opportunities in international markets of the US, Europe, Gulf and Middle east.

     With the same zeal we now envision expanding our product line in a variety of other herbal medicines in the form of tablets, soap, gel, nutrition supplements powder, juices to serve in the areas of health care and body care. Evolution with a long term growth is our priority.

Business Query?

Get in touch with us for any supply related business query in your region and we would be happy to ensure the availability of our products at your nearest medical shop.

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