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Frequently Asked Questions!

You can take Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha in a dose of 30 ml at night after your meal and drink a glass of luke warm water for better results.

Yes, you can take Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha even  for chronic and rigid constipation. The range of dosage is from 30 to 60 ml twice or thrice a week. Considering a chronic problem you may require 40-50 ml of kadha, but you can still increase the dosage if you feel incomplete evacuation.

Skin rash can be a symptom in many ailments but if the rash is due to the excessive body heat or due to excessive ‘pitta’, Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha can be helpful. As this  kadha will clear your stomach and remove excessive pitta and body heat through motions and help you to get rid of body heat and associated skin problems.

One of the reason for Piles and fissures is hard stools or the heavy straining for evacuation of hard stools. You can use our product Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha as per given dose. This will soften your stools and facilitate its easy evacuation without pain and discomfort . You can even take Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha on regular basis as a stool softener, which is helpful in treating piles or fissures. 

Constipation occurs very commonly in both childhood and old age. Children below the age of 10 years should avoid it as Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha is not advisable and recommended under this age. 

For Children above age 10 years,

Dosage can be 10 ml or two teaspoon with lukewarm water.

Senior citizens should start with low dose of 25 – 30 ml and increase the dosage up to 45 to 50 ml as per their requirement with lukewarm water.

Yes, it is safe for diabetic patients as Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha does not contain sugar.

Yes, this problem can be effectively cured by ‘Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha’. Blotting can be due to gases and unsatisfactory motions or even due to some dietary reasons. Even poor or delayed digestion can lead to formation of excessive gases. One can take Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha, thrice a week in a dosage mentioned on the product with a glass of lukewarm water. Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha will help improve digestion and clear motions which are the root causes of bloating.

Pimples and other skin issues can be even because of wrong dietary habits. Vaidya Patankar Ayurvedic Kadha is a potent herbal blood purifier. One can use this product as a best detox remedy on weekly basis. The powerful detox formula will help reduce the toxins through motions which are responsible for frequent pimples and other skin issues.

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